Monday, 13 February 2012


Hey, so finally I've gotten around to doing another full outfit post. Today I went to Nando's for lunch which as always was sooo good, and then I just did a bit of shopping for my friends birthday present... I love buying presents, although I always see things that I want when I'm supposed to be buying for others! Today I was wearing my high-waisted jeans again with a maroon shirt that I've not worn for at least a year. I really like it, but it is quite plain and for some reason reminds me of something that a supermarket worker would wear, haha!
 I just painted one of my nails to match my shirt because I can't deal with having plain nails for too long, and it had started chipping anyway so I thought it was a good way to cover it up quickly. For the first time in ages I was able to wear my brogues (which I always think make me look barefoot) because it was actually not too cold today, thankfully! 
Shirt,Jeans & Ring- Topshop; Shoes- Accessorize
I hope to be posting more often this week as I am on half term holiday and will inevitably be spending hours avoiding homework/revision... Au revoir! xo