Thursday, 18 August 2011

My Summer Holiday

Sorry for completely abandoning my blog recently... anyway, since last time I was on here I went on holiday (nowhere exciting - it was just here in Scotland) with my family and my friend Hannah, and it was amazing! And although a cow did break into a garden, a bat ended up in our kitchen, two of the biggest spiders i've ever seen were in our bedroom and we got woken up every morning by roosters; it was still the best summer holiday I've been on. 

Sadly it was not a very fashionable holiday - but the house we stayed in was designed by some famous architect during the 60's, and although it's been there more than half a century it was still really modern and interesting... I would looove to live there! (We even had our own tennis court which was so good).

The house from our garden on a rare sunny day!

I really liked this picture of Hannah in the garden:)

Enjoying the sun (we had to put the camera on timer in the treehouse though!)

Me looking slightly mental on the sofa...

So all in all I had a pretty good summer, and I hope everybody else did too! Thanks for reading x