Saturday, 21 January 2012


Heyyy.  So it was my niece Lottie's first birthday party today which was lovely. It was held at my house, and I'm not going to lie my favourite parts had to be: the birthday cake because I love cake so very much, and the helium balloons... I just think they are so pretty:
Carrying on with the balloon theme, this evening I decided to try and take a few pictures with the left over ones and I wasn't very happy with the results, but here's one of them anyway:

My Balloon went blurry...oops!

I wanted this to be a really cute and girly look, which turned out to be quite difficult as a majority of the clothes I wear are black. It's not very obvious in this picture (as I editted it a bit too much), but I wore a pink vest top underneath the lace bodysuit, and tied tiny pink ribbons around my ankles!
Sorry this was just a quick post, but I hope that the weekend is going well for everybody, good night!  xo