Monday, 9 January 2012


Ok so I said i wouldn't post today...but sometimes fashion's more exciting than homework. 
To be honest I probably spent a scary amount of time today trying to take decent pictures of my outfit, but heyho hopefully it was worth it!! 
Here they are:

It all looks a bit messy since each one is differently editted, but I wanted to get them up before going back to school:) 
I won't write about the wedges because I seem to discuss them in great length in every post...but I love them! I got this lovely mini satchel for Christmas and although my purse doesn't quite fit in it I still really like using it... the pattern is so pretty and makes this outfit a little more interesting.
And finally, I've ressurected my Summer chino shorts! I hadn't really given any thought to wearing them with tights in the Winter months, but they actually looked alright with my big comfy jumper tucked into them.

Hope everybody had a lovely daaaaay! xo