Sunday, 20 October 2013

Life is a funny thing.

I have to admit, it feels rather alien being back on this blog! But... I thought that maybe it was time to resurrect it, so we'll see how it goes. I feel like I've outgrown the layout of this blog, however, so I may try and play around with it soon to find something more 'me'.

I'm not entirely sure where I was going with the title of this post but it seems to sum up the past few months fairly well. I must admit, I have been struggling a lot with my priorities and with the direction that my life is headed at the moment which is all rather scary but - aren't we all?! I don't know, at this (very young) age we're all on the precipice of something new and unknown and we can either choose to embrace the opportunity or retreat to our comfort zone and pretend it isn't happening. 

I tend to do the latter. 

I'm still trying to work out how to turn this mentality around but (I don't mean to sound pessimistic but I'm unsure how else to word this) the realisation that everything is essentially meaningless is something that I have found really comforting. This could be seen as a destructive thing, but somehow it really helps me to understand that getting so bogged down by the minutiae of life is not necessary or helpful - in the slightest! I suppose I just need to learn to take a step back and recognise that it's okay to be struggling. And it's okay to be unsure of what the future holds. And it's okay to not follow every convention. What's not okay is letting these things consume you. 

Ah I don't really know where I'm going with this and I could probably rant for ages attempting to make my thoughts clear but I'll leave it at that for now! I hope everybody is having a lovely day, whatever you're doing...even if, like me, you're currently procrastinating - haha! 

Au revoir x