Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday Night Fashion Confession

I cried when Lee Alexander McQueen died.
I cried a lot.

I still find it slightly puzzling why I was so affected by it. Maybe it was because I'd only just become fully accustomed with his brilliance and then... suddenly it was no more? Maybe it was the connection to the situation on a human level? Irrespective of what a person has achieved in their life, the fact that they have extinguished it by their own hand will always be something that deeply saddens me. Or, maybe, it was because I feared that the sheer genius of his pioneering designs would be forever lost?

I'm not entirely sure why it moved me so much and, to be honest, why it still moves me. And I'm not entirely sure why I wanted to share this right now either! I don't know, as silly as it sounds I am so overwhelmingly happy that Sarah Burton has been able to carry on his legacy with such seamless beauty. It seems to me almost as though he lives through the designs. That sounds a little odd, I don't know. But hey it's my thought for the day.

Have a great weekend x