Sunday, 29 December 2013

Ten things that I have learnt in 2013

1. Stop stressing over school. Work no harder than you feel comfortable with and keep it in perspective - it’s really not that important.

2. Take every opportunity to be outside when it’s sunny if you live in a place where it rarely is.

3. Don’t build the foundations of happiness on another person. Don’t let them become the reason for recovery. Set down te roots on your own so you can learn to be content that way instead of pinning it all on someone else. It’s not fair on you or on them and will inevitably end in regression back to a not-so-good place.

4. Everything is temporary. Anger and frustration and sadness and pain will eventually pass, don’t make rash decisions when in such a state.

5. Try to respect yourself. Even if you feel worthless, don’t take actions in an attempt to prove it. It will only make your situation worse.

6. Don’t take everything people say at face value. Whether it’s intentional or not, people play mind games and being open to understanding them is a step towards protecting yourself from being drawn into them.

7. Question everything but don’t make unfair judgments. Question your own thought mechanisms too.

8. Try not to let the negativity of those around you become your own. Separate yourself from unnecessary negative energy where possible, and hold sacred the things that inspire positivity within you.

9. Trust what your body is telling you - it's usually right.

10. Remember that you’re entitled to your own opinions and thoughts and feelings. They’re as valid as anybody else’s and just as valuable.

Happy (almost) New Year everybody. :-)