Friday, 8 June 2012


Hey, sorry I've not been posting much recently. Life has been pretty hectic the last month or so and I've now started fifth year at school which is both exciting and very, very daunting. It's quite scary to think how quickly my time at high school has gone by.

A couple of weeks ago - believe it or not - it was really sunny here in Edinburgh. In true Scottish fashion though, the good weather didn't last and it's now gone back to the dull weather we are used to, so in an attempt to cheer myself up I thought I'd post some pictures from the little glimpse of sunshine we got! 

I bought this cupcake from Waitrose partly because lime and white chocolate sounded like an interesting combination, and partly because the icing is such an appealing colour! (For the record it was very tasty too, haha!) My nails were done using a technique my cousin showed me where you apply the polish with a sponge, and I actually really like how it turned out - although it was a bit fiddly to do!

Bag - Topshop(£36); Jeans - Topshop (£40); Watch - New Look(£10)
I haven't gotten around to doing an outfit post with my new clothes and accessories yet, but for the time being here's a bad quality picture. I love the handbag so much, I just want to take it everywhere with me! Just about every bag I own is either black or brown, so it's a nice change to have something paler and more feminine - particularly because I'm going through a pastel phase.

Here's a better picture of the jeans since the last one doesn't really do them justice...aren't they lovely? I mean, they would look far better on a model's legs, but I just love the colour so much, and they are the same style as my trusty coral pink Topshop jeans so I knew I'd like the fit. I think they will be my summer wardrobe staple!

I hope everybody has a great weekend, Iona xo