Sunday, 24 June 2012

DIY customized sunglasses

Hey! I was feeling quite creative on Friday, so decided I would customize a pair of sunglasses that I got free with my copy of Cosmopolitan magazine. They are just a simple pair of black Ray-Ban style glasses that you could buy pretty cheaply in any high street shop if you wanted to customize them yourself. 

I was in the middle of painting my nails when the idea came to me that I could paint a design onto the glasses with nail varnish - I decided to stick with a pretty simple design though as I didn't want to ruin them!
 The dots are a bit messy, but hopefully that won't be hugely obvious when I'm wearing them. I might even add some more colours at some point if I get bored.
 I must admit that I got a bit carried away with probably won't even be able to see the dots along the top of the glasses, but oh well - it was fun to do!
 Here are the three nail varnishes that I used...You could use any colours and do any patterns you feel like though.
Baby Blue - Next; Mint - BarryM; Electric Blue - Topshop
Thanks for reading! xo