Saturday, 23 June 2012

Fake Tattoos...

I'm sorry this has taken so long - but my 'Fake Tattoos' review and tutorial is finally here!
First of all, the delivery was really fast as promised - it only took a couple of days which was great because I'm so impatient when it comes to deliveries! The samples were really well-presented in a pretty pink pouch too which was lovely.

I was sent six samples, two of each design shown below. I love the four leaf clover one because it symbolises luck, and I've always wanted a tattoo on my wrist that represented this, so it was perfect for me. I really like the other two designs also, and they'll be good for Summertime (if we even get a Summer here in Scotland...sorry I always complain about the weather on my blog!)

The first one I tried was the clover, which I applied to my wrist. The instructions were really clear and the application was remarkably quick and easy (there's a tutorial further down). Personally I think it looks very realistic, and so many people asked me if it was real! The tattoos are meant to last between 3-10 days,and I had mine on for five days without any noticeable fading or rubbing off which was really impressive. 

Here's how to apply them...It's just like the ones you used to get at birthday parties when you were little!

Step 1: Make sure the place you are applying the tattoo is clean and make-up free, then remove the protective top sheet.

Step 2: Press the tattoo down firmly onto skin with the design facing down.

Step 3: Hold a wet cloth against the paper backing of the tattoo, pressing down to make sure the entire design is wet - and wait for 30 seconds.

Step 4: Peel off the paper backing to reveal the tattoo - et voila! (For best results, rinse it gently with water after this).

As you can see the application is really simple, they look fantastic and last longer than most temporary tattoos do - what more could you ask for? 
I would definitely recommend these to anybody interested in temporary body art or who isn't brave enough for a real tattoo...I've already been raving about them to people the past few days! I will definitely be buying some more designs at some point over the Summer because there are so many beautiful ones to choose from on the website: ... they're not expensive either.

As always, thank you for reading! Iona xo