Sunday, 24 July 2011

Afternoon Tea at Tigerlily

Heeey, sorry for not posting in so long! Today my sister & her six month old daughter (my niece!), and my mum and i went for afternoon tea at Tigerlily - a hotel in George Street... I'd never been before but it was so sophisticated with such a nice atmosphere-  I'll definitely be going back. I also loved the idea of having afternoon tea, it seems so cute and ladylike, haha!
I did have pictures of today, but i've lost the cable thingy for my camera so can't upload anything - aaah! Meanwhile i'll just have to post pictures of the restaurant from google.
It was similar to this, but with amazing cupcakes!
So that's about as interesting as my holidays are so far... only two weeks til i go away though!

p.s. i just realised that without my pictures this has nothing to do with fashion...woops x