Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Hey, today I went shopping (on my sounds really sad but I actually love it... I'm just generally a bit of a weirdo), and then I went and met some of my family to go to the Camera Obscura which was pretty good!
I've had the dress I wore for about a year and a half, but it's still one of my favourite day dresses, it's so comfy and stylish (well I think so anyway), and it's just really quite summery!
I also love this hairband, it's the kind with wire in it which you bend to shape... I have hundreds of headbands/hairbands, and this is the type I find to be most versatile and easy to wear!
I wore my new brogues too, which I am loving at the moment, as with all new purchases, and I thought they matched quite well with this bag that I had forgotten about - so I was rather pleased :)
Dress- Topshop(£45); Hair band - Miss Selfridge(£7); Bag- NewLook(got it as a present); Brogues- Accessorize(£30)
Hope you're all having a lovely holiday! x