Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Rainy Yoga Day

Hello all, I know it's not even mid-August but it feels like Autumn has come already with all this rain here in Edinburgh! I'm the kind of person that won't leave my house when it's raining unless I absolutely have to... so today I've resigned myself to a 'house day' which consists mainly of eating lots of comfort food and doing some yoga here and there whilst watching the rain through the window! As much as I don't like being out in rain, I do love watching it and listening to it... my back living room is the perfect spot for that haha.
You may have seen in my description thing that I'm a self-taught yogi... and I would definitely consider myself just a beginner! But it makes me so so happy. Psychologically I find it really calming when I do it, and seeing my physical progress, no matter how small, is a really big thing for me. For example, in April I was able to touch my toes with straight legs for the first time in my entire life which probably doesn't mean a lot to anyone else but I was so excited, because I'd always just accepted that I would never be able to do it. Even though it's really small, things like that have helped me to realise that with practice, our bodies can do some really amazing things, and that even I can do them (in my mind I still often see myself as the overweight, inflexible 12 year old that I was, so I'm always quite surprised when I realise I can do things like that).
I'm currently working on trying to touch my toes to my bun... I vividly remember trying desperately to do it in ballet class when I was 4 so I'd be over the moon if I could achieve it! But yeah I still have quite a way to go... I just have to practice practice practice!
I'm loving how good pictures taken on my new tablet have been turning out, it's so so much easier than using my phone haha! It's also really good just setting up the front camera when I'm doing yoga in this room to use basically as a mirror to check my form and progress.
Although, consequently, I end up taking pictures of me just messing around haha so here you go! It looks so damn bright outside but it's actually really really not (see first picture).
I recently got the Proelite shaker cup pictured from Amazon and although it's meant for protein shakes, I basically just use it for my smoothies and for water when I'm exercising and I love it - mainly because it holds such a large volume and the opening for drinking out of is so big (quicker hydration woohoo). Also, of course, it's pink!
I hope you're all having a good day, thank you for reading!
Iona x