Sunday, 8 July 2012

8.7.12 - neon flatforms

Heeey, I've not really had anything to post the past few days because I've become so lazy and have basically been living in my pyjamas haha! But today (shock horror) I actually left the house and went shopping.
 I was only meant to be buying people birthday presents but there was a sale in Topshop and I couldn't resist the neon flatforms. I am so sorry purse, I have been abusing you quite a lot lately.

I have plain black flatforms already which I love, but I've had my eye on a fluorescent pair for months. I didn't want to pay full price for them because I'm guessing they're something I won't wear all too often, so I was well happy when I found out they were in the sale! They don't match anything I own - apart from a nail varnish - but I kind of like that. It will be easy to pick me out in a crowd at least!

Denim shirt, shorts & shoes - Topshop; T-shirt - New Look; Tights - Accessorize

Here's a better quality picture of them... they do slightly resemble bowling shoes haha!

I hope that everybody is enjoying their Summer so far :) Bye! xo