Tuesday, 27 December 2011


I know Christmas is a time for eating lots... but I think I win the prize for eating the most! After a whole day of eating crap I managed to top it all off by eating a Lindt chocolate reindeer in 3 minutes, which must be some sort of record. 
Anyway, this isn't a blog about my ever-present food worries, it's supposed to be about fashion! (Although I have strayed from that topic in most of my posts, so maybe The Fashion Unicorn is a misleading title?)
For Christmas I got a looovely Soap & Glory gift set which is absolutely huge!
Soap & Glory bag

It has just about everything you could want from Soap & Glory in it, so needless to say, that's me stocked up on toiletries for the year. The suitcase-esque bag it all came in is also really pretty, so I will have to find some other use for it as it's too nice to hide away in a cupboard all the time!     I also got the Diesel perfume Loverdose which I had been coveting since its release earlier this year, and a Benefit Make up set which I am loving so far!

Benefit Make up set 
Soap & Glory goodies!

On Christmas day my parents and I visited my sister, brother-in-law and my niece in the morning which was great (my niece, Lottie, is just under a year old and possibly the sweetest baby ever...although maybe I'm just biased because I'm her auntie!)
Anyhoo, I wore this outfit: 

Dress: House of Fraser; Belt: Joy

It's pretty simple and all quite old pieces, but I'd never worn them all together... and that's what I love about clothes. Even after owning something for years you can still find new ways to wear them :) 
Hope everybody's enjoying their time off! xo